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What We Do

Parking and transportation management is evolving at a rapid pace.  Our technology platforms enable us to provide leading edge solutions to our clients not only to improve revenues and reduce expenses but also to generate the analytical data critical for on-going successful management.  And while technology is important, everything we do for both our clients and customers is delivered with a genuine desire for partnership and first-class service.

Markets Served

At The Car Park, we are experts at meeting the unique needs of the markets we serve and delivering a customized approach to each client and market.

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We provide not only parking management but valet, shuttle bus and courier services to some of the nation’s most highly regarded healthcare facilities.
We provide parking management services including utilization analysis, rate study analysis, service amenities, as well as valet parking, facility planning and new equipment consulting, and marketing services.
We provide event logistic planning, event parking and transportation management and support services to major sporting events, both professional and collegiate, as well as unique large-scale events.
Our customized and certified Five-Star program insures our staff delivers the highest standards of customer service for your location.
We deliver full service solutions for your municipality from the acquisition to the implementation of revenue controls, data analytics, and technology solutions.
The Car Park provides unparalleled service to both asset managers and property owners of office, mixed use, residential and retail properties.
Office, Retail and Residential
We offer our University clients a broad solution set of parking and transportation services from parking management, transportation, traffic control, event management, analytics, and more.


The Car Park is a leader in providing the most comprehensive service offerings and expertise to our clients.  Our revenue and access control management services, garage and pedestrian remote management practices, and the latest in transportation services, enforcement practices and event logistics allow us to offer our clients and customers a service-friendly experience as well as robust, easy-to-use tools and information.

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Remote Services Management

Our proprietary operating system is so accurate we can immediately identify where each caller is located; not only down to the site, but to the specific lane or equipment location. This allows our team to respond seamlessly to each customer and provide a warm, friendly and efficient customer-service experience.

Parking Management

We manage parking for high-rise garages, mixed-use facilities, large commercial locations, airports, municipalities, special event venues, hotels, surface lots, and universities. Parking management is changing and requires new and innovative approaches to offer the parking services today’s consumer expects and the revenue controls clients demand.


We are a game-changer in our industry. Because of that, we know what it takes to have a successful parking operation. We understand the dynamics of local markets to create specialized and successful parking solutions for clients.


Our family of companies has offered transportation services for over 30 years. We know how to move customers from decades of experience in logistics and planning. It’s about more than just transportation. It’s about safety and training, planning and most of all, customer care.


Our technologies give customers who receive violations the ability to pay online. Customers are also able to see photos and documentation associated with their violation. We believe in second chances and provide customers avenues to dispute any violation.

Event Logistics

Our event operations team works closely with local law enforcement and EMS to ensure safety and efficiency during the process of moving patrons to and from large-scale events. We can provide certified traffic control officers to handle traffic on the streets in lieu of law enforcement.

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